deutsche Speisekarte


Fried black pudding from a local farm with apple and mashed potatoes
7,00 €

Smoked salmon with horesradish-cream salad and potato pancakes
12,50 €

Warm goat cheese with pear, honey, walnuts and salad
12,50 €


6,00 €

Consomme of beef with marow dumplings
6,50 €

Main Dishes

Venison sausage with cream-kraut and mashed potatoes
13,50 €

Potato dumplings filled with liver sausage with gravy sauce and salad
14,50 €

Filets of trout with lemon butter, parsley potatoes and leaf salad
19,50 €

Rumpsteak in green pepper sauce, roasted potatoes green beanse
23,50 €

Bread dumplings on spinash leaves and cheese-sauce
14,50 €

Vienna style escalope with fried potatoes and salad
14,50 €

Savoury Meals

Plate of mixed sausages from a local farmer with grain bread
11,80 €

Meat in jelly with roasted potatoes, remoulade sauce and salad
12,00 €

Tall mixed salad with feta.cheese
14,50 €

For Children

Small sausages with mashed potatoes
6,50 €

Small breaded escalope with roasted potatoes and salad
10,50 €

Potato pancakes with apple sauce
4,80 €

All Cheese

Backed ewe’s cheese with grapes, thyme and small salad
13,50 €

Regional cheese with parsley pesto, bread and butter
9,80 €


Variation of chocolate (cake, mousse, ice cream and chips)
12,00 €

Raspberry ragout with panna cotta
6,80 €

Mixed ice cream with whipped cream
5,00 €

For additives and allergy questions please ask the service.

subject to change